Google Remains No. 1 In Search, Slides To No. 3 In Display

Display ad revenue continues to rise worldwide. eMarketer estimates display ad revenue will rise to $109 billion in 2017, from $89 billion in 2016. The biggest shift in dollars this year, forecasts eMarketer, belongs to Alibaba, which moves into the No. 2 spot, displacing Google.

Facebook remains the No. 1 in terms of net display ad revenue worldwide with an estimated $39 billion, followed by Alibaba with $15 billion and Google with nearly $13 billion. Baidu, Twitter, Verizon, Microsoft, and Sohu follow, respectively.

Google may be sliding in display advertising, but the company remains the dominant player in worldwide revenue for search spend among advertisers in 2017. eMarketer did not provide an estimate, but in 2016 Google generated about $59.61 billion from search -- 58.8% of the search ad market worldwide. 

In 2017, according to eMarketer, Google will generate $49.72 billion in mobile internet net ad revenue worldwide, taking 35.0% share. Facebook remains second with a 23.5% share. 

Overall, eMarketer estimates Google will generate $72.4 billion in net digital ad revenue worldwide, up 15.7% compared with 2016. It represents 31.8% of the total worldwide digital ad market, which this year is worth $227.5 billion. 



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