Kristin Zhivago Has Opened A Digital Agency

Author and business coach Kristin Zhivago has opened an agency to help digital marketers drive revenue, Zhivago announced yesterday.

Zhivago Partners provides a range of services, including email marketing management. It can also assist firms with social media, content marketing, website creation and maintenance, search engine optimization, online advertising and social marketing 

Apparently operating since July, the Jamestown, Rhode Island-based company has increased its revenue by 50% since then, Zhivago says. It focuses mainly on B2B.

The company is structured so that "clients get the services they need from professionals in the field, in addition to the core staff we have to take care of the basics."

Zhivago is the author of “Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy,” which is available on Amazon.

She argues that "the combination of Google and mobile has equipped today’s customers with amazing power, and sellers have been slow to catch up."

Zhivago concedes that marketers are “making use of digital marketing and analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, Moz, and SpyFu, but while those tools do tell you 'what' the person searched for, and 'how' they came to find you, they don’t tell you 'why.' And 'why' is what you must know in order to write relevant content that converts a visitor to a buyer.”



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