Vistar Media Launches Private Marketplace Deals For DOOH

Vistar Media, looking to secure its place in digital-out-of-home media, signed its first set of deals for a new programmatic platform and private marketplace with Clear Channel Outdoor, Captivate, Lamar and others.

Marketplace Deals allows buyers and sellers to create private marketplace deals for digital DOOH campaigns through the Vistar platform, which relies on audience segmentation and location data. It helps to analyze purchase data and consumers' behavioral and movement patterns.

Michael Provenzano, CEO of Vistar Media, said the company originally launched as an open exchange where buyers could purchase inventory from sellers in a CPM-based auction. The company has always been focused on data and measurement for an open marketplace. Now the company will offer services through a private marketplace.

Marketplace Deals allows out-of-home media owners like Adspace, Lamar, TouchTunes, ZOOM Media, and others to maintain control and transparency while still taking advantage of the efficiency of transacting automatically through the Vistar platform.

Neil Shapiro, vice president of digital sales at Captivate, believes private marketplaces helps to promote transparency, specifically for DOOH media.

For the industry, adding a private marketplace adds two things: it brings the overall OOH industry toward closer integration with data-driven buying, and brings greater efficiency for marketers and campaigns that require specific executions.

The processes allow buyers and sellers to directly negotiate the requirements for the deal such as targeting, price and specific inventory packages. The deal become available to the buyer through the Vistar self-service platform, enabling the buyer to activate campaigns in a few clicks. Buyers gain the ability to create custom deals for campaigns requiring very specific executions, while still leveraging the full targeting capabilities of the Vistar platform. 

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