Bidalgo Partners With Google, Builds On Mobile Universal App Campaigns

In a partnership announced Wednesday with Google, Bidalgo is joining the Premier Partner for Mobile Advertising program in Google's Universal App Campaigns to help app marketers "master" UAC, which helps marketers target ads based on business goals across Google Play, Google Search,
YouTube and the millions of third-party sites and apps in the Google Display Network.

Part of Bidalgo's plan may be to reach $250 million in revenue this year -- up from $86 million in 2016, according to one report. Peli Beeri, CEO of Bidalgo, told VentureBeat in October that the company has averaged $25 million in revenue each month for the past three months. With that type of run rate, the company could generate $300 million in revenue in the next 12 months as it becomes the go-to source for brands that are looking to buy mobile ads to promote apps and games.

Bidalgo, which got its start in Tel Aviv, Israel, touts that its automated advertising platform runs on artificial Intelligence. And that aside from Google, it has official marketing partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.



Games developer Pixelberry Studios worked with Bidalgo on the UAC platform to become a top 25-grossing app in the U.S., to grow revenue across a diverse gaming portfolio, and drive effective app marketing with a focused team.  

With three employees leading marketing efforts, Pixelberry reached specific goals by working with Bidalgo. Those goals include landing on the top 25-growing apps in the U.S., increasing scale by four times across UAC in six months, and achieving 250% higher return on ad spend with UAC for measurable actions compared with installations.  

The two companies worked to identify creative elements and design a large set of high-performing creative assets for the campaign. 

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