Wochit, Storyful Partner On New Video Service

Wochit, which uses technology to create short-form videos about trending topics for its media company partners, is launching a video product called Wochit Plus that will incorporate content from social media. Wochit’s videos currently feature material sourced from Reuters, Getty, AP, AFP and other companies.

Wochit Plus's first content partner is the News Corp.-owned social intelligence company Storyful, which collects and analyzes content posted to social media, and allows its media partners to feature that verified content in their own reporting and stories. 

Wochit Plus, which will be available to the company’s current users as an add-on product for an additional cost, will feature videos sourced by Storyful. In a statement, Wochit CEO Dror Ginzberg suggested that the company’s clients had unmet demand for video content sourced from social feeds. “We heard their need loud and clear for up-to-date user-generated content that’s ready to use,” he said.



Wochit clients include companies like CBS News and Time Inc.

As more and more publishers and media companies turn to video as a means to boost ad revenue, companies like Wochit are trying to help them meet their internal video creation goals. By largely automating the video creation process, they allow for media companies to significantly increase the number of videos produced on a daily basis.

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