Campaign Tracks Heart 'Numbers'

The American Heart Association, American Stroke Association and American Medical Association are introducing a new public service campaign to raise awareness about high blood pressure (HBP).

HBP Numbers” was created by The Ad Council in partnership with Havas Adrenaline and Great Bowery Film.
The creative features real people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke attributed to their HBP. The black-and-white images are contrasted with red numbers indicating the person's blood pressure ratio. The overall call-to-action is designed to encourage people to monitor their numbers to avoid similar circumstances.

The campaign runs online as well as across advertising time and space donated by a number of media companies.

This is the Ad Council's first project with the two-month old Great Bowery Film, the film division under the Great Bowery collective that also works with agencies such as Bernstein & Andriulli, as well as CLM, M.A.P, Streeters, and Wenzell & Co. This campaign was directed by Bernstein & Andriulli's Marco Grob.



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