Belize, ICF Olson Launch AI Travel Experience Game

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and its agency ICF Olson are introducing what they call the first interactive game that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Facebook to provide an immersive experience to users. 

The Hunt for the Crystal Maiden lets players "choose-your-own adventure" by enabling them to determine their journey through Western Belize, whether to further explore animals, jungles or people. The game is accessible through Facebook Messenger via mobile or desktop. 

Afterward, players are encouraged to use hashtag #ChooseYourOwnBelizeAdventure to discuss their experience as an additional way of raising awareness. 

ICF Olson calls this game the "first of its kind in the travel industry" that elevates the traditional tourism campaign by enabling people to determine what they want to see and explore. The key challenge for the agency was driving awareness for the various attractions Western Belize offers to travelers but also avoiding what it calls the standard white beach aesthetic. 

The game falls under BTB's broader “A Curious Place” message, concentrating on Belize's authentic people and experiences.  





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