Smart TV Seen As Dominant In-Home Smart Hub

Consumers are finding plenty of devices to interact with in their homes these days.

Despite the proliferation of devices ranging from smart speakers and virtual reality headsets, the smart VT still is the most used interface in the home for video viewing, based on a new study.

The home entertainment device market is consolidating around the smart TV, according to the study by Parks Associates.

Ease of use is a key reason why consumers gravitate to the smart screens. Among U.S. broadband households, the reasons for picking a device due to ease of use range from navigation to customer service. Here are the reasons why a device is perceived as easier to use:

  • 57% -- Device display is easier to navigate
  • 54% -- It is easier to find the content I want
  • 44% -- It is easier to set up
  • 39% -- The search function is easier to use
  • 18% -- More video formats are supported
  • 16% -- It can work with a PC or other device
  • 9% -- Customer service is good



With device sales starting to flatten, the marketing of smart TVs and streaming media players is shifting to focus on the user experience, according to Parks.

Almost half (45%) of U.S. broadband households now have a smart TV, making it the most commonly used platform for online video content, according to the study.

Device manufacturers are partnering to find ways to improve or refresh the interfaces of smart TVs

The idea is that the smart TV will be the hub of in-home entertainment.

The race is on.

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