Plain Text, The Next Email Secret Sauce?

While everyone else is throwing video, audio, and animation into the new multimedia in-box, custom footwear startup Shoes of Prey impressed the Email Insider Summit this month with her retro tactic. Text. Yes, plain text, when used sparingly, can bring a new (or old) authenticity to certain messages, said their Chloe Dutschke. In a similar vein, fellow panelist Scott Keyes, Founder of Scott's Cheap Travel, finds that a mere change of phrasing spiked interest in the money-back guarantee.  

MODERATOR Sian Desmond, Global Email Marketing Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group; PANELISTS Chloe Dutschke, CRM and Content Marketing Manager, Shoes of Prey; Sharon Foster, Director, CRM, Consumer Interactive, TransUnion; Scott Keyes, Founder/CEO, Scotts Cheap Flights

Find the rest of this session, and more, at our Email Insider Summit Agenda Page.

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