Nuance Expands Cognitive Group For More AI In Customer Service

Nuance is expanding its cognitive innovation group, which focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The intent of the move is to use AI to automate and improve customer service across channels.

The group was launched in 2012 and the lab created Nina, the first conversational AI solution for mobile customer services, according to the company, based in Burlington, Massachusetts. Nuance, a voice and language pioneer, then created a human assisted virtual assistant, now branded as Nina Coach.

The group’s charter now will include predictive AI and analytics, supported by the new AI engagement services and AI research teams.

“This group is successful because we are not only on the bleeding edge of innovation but also in touch with what our customers need to deliver the best service in their specific markets,” stated Thomas Hebner, the new worldwide leader of the cognitive innovation group at Nuance Communications. “By collaborating with leading global brands to dig deep into the areas where our technology can be the most powerful, we are able to invent forward-thinking AI capabilities that improve experiences while reducing cost.”

Brands already involved with the new group include Fidelity, USAA, ING Bank and Domino's, which introduced the AI voice agent 'Dom.'

The newly expanded initiative will focus on conversational AI, predictive AI and analytics through three groups, an AI lab, engagement services and research.

A 300-person research team of scientists and world-renowned experts will focus on core algorithms and technologies that will be foundational to sustained leadership and innovation in the customer service AI market.

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