Smart Security Cameras Target Package Thefts From Consumer Doorsteps

There are numerous reasons for consumers to install smart cameras at their homes, but the one that comes to light during the holiday season is package theft.

The majority (53%) of consumers know people who have had packages stolen from outside their home, according to a new study.

The study comprised a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults who live in a house or townhome adn was conducted by Wakefield Research for Comcast, which is using the survey results as an argument for its Xfinity Home indoor and outdoor camera.

Almost a third (30%) of those surveyed have had a package stolen from outside their home, with 16% of those having had two or more packages taken.

Smart security cameras are commonly near the top of any list of smart home devices owned or desired. Here are the smart home devices already installed:

  • 38% -- Wireless or Bluetooth speakers
  • 16% -- Home security camera that records short clips
  • 16% -- Live streaming home security camera
  • 15% -- Smart thermostat
  • 12% -- Smart light bulbs
  • 11% -- Smart doorbell
  • 10% -- Smart door locks
  • 5% -- Smart pet feeder

More devices are in store for consumers to install next year, including video doorbells (20%), smart thermostats (18%) and live streaming home security cameras (18%).

Over the holidays, the smart devices perceived as most useful would be video doorbells (37%), live streaming home security (35%) and home security cameras to record short clips (33%).

The key is that smart cameras can have an impact on potential package thieves.

“We've seen security cameras deter thieves,” said Daniel Herscovici, general manager and senior vice president, Xfinity Home. “They're less likely to enter a property, and cameras are very helpful in capturing the identity of porch pirates or other intruders.”

After a package theft, a video clip from a smart security camera can be emailed to the police or package delivery company.

Cameras also are getting smarter. For example, the latest Xfinity smart camera uses an artificial-intelligence-powered  computer vision algorithm developed by Comcast engineers, so the system can focus on the movement, center it and zoom in to deliver a detailed view of the activity.

Consumers must expect that most packages would be stolen from their front door, since that’s where 79% of them would put a live-streaming home security camera.

Most (81%) consumers expect to have packages delivered to their homes during this holiday season.

Now if they just had a smart security camera to keep an eye on those packages until they get home.

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