TV Network-Specific App Usage Grows Slowly

While the use of specific TV network apps is increasing, the majority of TV viewers still don’t have them on their devices.

A TiVo study says 72.8% of users don’t have TV apps for individual networks on their smartphones or streaming devices, as of the third quarter, and just over 27.2% have TV network-specific apps.

Among those who have TV apps, TiVo says this percentage marks the highest adoption rate since the first quarter of 2016.

The most-downloaded apps are primarily from big broadcast/cable networks. In response to the statement “Yes, I used one or more of these apps”, ABC came in at 6.2%, followed by CBS at 5.9%; CNN, 4.8%; HBO Go, 4.3%; WatchESPN, 4.2%; Fox, 4.2%; NBC, 4.0%; A&E, 3.8%; Fox News Channel, 3.3%; and Cartoon Network, 3.1%; History, 3.0%; and HBO Now, 2.9%.

Among those who have TV network apps, 23.3% use these apps on a daily basis -- up 6.2 percentage points from the same period a year ago. Almost 78% of respondents used them on weekly basis -- up 10.9 percentage points from a year ago.



Almost 19% of those who have network apps say they rarely use them, down from a near 30% level a year ago.

The TiVo study was conducted in the third quarter of this year among 3,013 people ages 18+ in the U.S. and Canada, conducted by a third-party survey service. TiVo analyzed the results.

The company's online video/pay TV survey has been conducted every quarter since 2012.

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