'Popular Mechanics' Debuts Branded Beer With Blue Point

As part of Popular Mechanics' 115th anniversary, the magazine publisher Hearst's in-house marketing and advertising teams, in partnership with Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Blue Point Brewery, are introducing a new, limited-edition brew called 1902 Lager.  

This is Hearst's first collaboration with Blue Point and came together as a “labor of love” between Hearst senior editor (and Certified Beer Server) Matt Allyn and Blue Point Brewmaster Dan Jansen.  

This joint project felt "really close to home" as a celebration of the magazine's history and serves as a new way to "bring the feeling" of the magazine to readers. While many primarily associate the brand with science topics, Popular Mechanics also covers technological breakthroughs, automobiles, inventions, do-it-yourself projects, and outdoor adventure, both online and via its print circulation of 1.1 million.  

“Today’s do-it-yourself and maker mindset is driving growth of the craft beer culture," says Cameron Connors, publisher, chief revenue officer, Popular Mechanics. This collaboration takes the science, engineering and love of brewing to "another level.”  



Jonathan Hack, director, education, The High End, Anheuser-Busch, says, "Both speak to a maker generation that values craftsmanship and honors it in their everyday lives."  

The beer isn’t for sale. 1902 Lager first debuted during an event at American Field in Industry City with more than 3,000 guests visiting the Popular Mechanics/Blue Point tent. The beer is currently available as a draft beer on tap in Blue Point’s tasting room on Long Island, N.Y. 

This month, Hearst is hosting a happy hour for about 200+ retailers, tradesmen, clients, advertisers at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver. PopularMechanics.com also posted an in-depth story by Allyn on the specifics of creating the brew. The magazine's January issue serves as its “Greatest Hits” issue by featuring content from the last 115 years. "So this is perfect timing for this beer to come out," says a Hearst spokesperson.  

“If the consumers enjoy the beer as much as we think they will, we would have the possibility of putting 1902 Lager into production to be sold or on tap at locations throughout the country,” adds Blue Point.

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