Evergage, Sophelle And One Step Retail Team Up On Personalization

Evergage, Sophelle and One Step Retail have formed an alliance to help brick-and-mortar retailers deliver personalized omnichannel communications.

The firms say they can provide email personalization that is updated at open time, based on a customer's most recent activity. They can also create a single customer data platform with profiles that drive omnichannel personalization at the individual level.

Unveiled today at NRF 2018, The combined offering is made up of Evergage's personalization technology and customer data platform, One Step Retail Solutions’ in-store and online data and Sophelle's agency services. The alliance enables retail brands to:

Use in-store point-of-sale systems to cross-sell at checkout and on email purchase receipts. Equip in-store associates with apps that provide tailored recommendations for each customer.

Enable a retailer’s personal shoppers to curate recommended items and have them ready when the customer arrives for an appointment.

Expand personalization in kiosks, beacons and other in — store devices.

The companies cite Forrester research showing that 72% of retailers cite personalization as their to priority for improving the customer experience.

However, many firms are weighed down by siloed data, teams and systems.

"While personalization is now table stakes in e-commerce, it is increasingly a business imperative for retailers with stores to reinvigorate the in-person shopping experience and build long-term relationships with customers across all their channels," states Karl Wirth, CEO, Evergage.

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