The Winter Olympics Takes To Email

The eyes of the world are on PyeongChang, South Korea as athletes from 92 countries compete in the 23rd edition of the Winter Olympic Games, and publishers have taken to email to share news updates with readers around the world.

As many as 15% of Americans generally get their online news from a news organization’s email newsletter or text-based alerts, according to a 2016 study from the Pew Research Center. Although television is still the most preferred channel for consuming news in the United States, digital media has made significant gains in recent years.

Now, in addition to its prime-time coverage, NBC has also launched a NBC Olympics Newsletter. Subscribers receive daily morning recaps and nightly previews highlighting each day’s competition. In addition, readers can sign up for live-stream alerts to receive reminders ahead of their favorite athletic events. More than 2,900 athletes will compete across 102 events, including snow sports such as ski jumping and snowboarding as well as ice sports including figure skating and ice hockey and sliding sports, such as bobsleigh and luge.



NBC is not the only news organization leveraging email to inform Olympic fans about the ongoing competition. The Washington Post publishes a daily Olympics 2018 newsletter that highlights the top news events from PyeongChang. Similarly, the New York Times has been publishing the best events to watch and stories to read in its Sports Newsletter: The Olympics, a newsletter that will publish daily during the duration of the Olympic games. 

A myriad of sports media publications also curate email newsletters with an Olympic focus. Bleacher Report publishes an Olympics newsletter with the latest news and opinions from South Korea.

Sports Illustrated manages five newsletters, including a recap of sports news delivered every weekday. FanSided Daily is another newsletter option from Sports Illustrated that allows subscribers to personalize their newsletter by selecting their favorite topics, writers, and sports.

ESPN offers the ESPN Daily newsletter, while The Relishhas built an email newsletter that is specifically designed for female sports fans. TheSkimmemail newsletter will highlight a collection of athletes every day during the duration of the Olympics. In addition, the media company also offers a calendar of Olympic events that iOS users can sync with their desktop and mobile calendars. 

Once the Winter Olympics close on February 25, PyeongChang will prepare for the Paralympic Winter Games beginning on March 9. For those who are eager to stay up to date on all things Olympics after the closing ceremony, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) publishes a weekly newsletter in both English and French.

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