The 5th Wave Of Branding: Brands That 'Do'

In his book, “Ogilvy on Advertising,” ad legend David Ogilvy helped pioneer the value of “emotional branding.” In “Ogilvy on Advertising in the Digital Age,” his ad descendant, Ogilvy & Mather CEO Miles Young, illustrates how the concept has evolved over the next 50 years to today’s standard of “brands that do.”

“In working with clients such as IBM, Dove and Coca-Cola, we learned there was a simple way to capture their deeper values,” Miles writes in the book, which will be officially released during an event at Ogilvy’s New York offices Tuesday.

“Dove’s lay in re-establishing the relationship between women, their inner selves and their outward representation in media and advertising, thereby exposing the rhetoric of the cosmetics industry with the radical ideal that beauty is more than skin deep,” he continues, adding, “And Coca-Cola’s lay in acknowledging the common human need for authentic enjoyment, enhanced through our shared experiences, and expressed over the years with beautiful simplicity as “open”, “real”, “happiness”, “enjoy” and “feeling”. In each case the corporate values and the product values meshed together. We have found it very useful to express this in terms of a Big Ideal – one step on, if you like, from a Big Idea. What exactly do you stand for?”

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