LevelUp Partners With FullContact For Restaurant Personalization

The restaurant industry is notorious for its high failure rate, but a new partnership between FullContact and LevelUp could help restaurateurs increase sales with personalized marketing.

The majority of new dining establishments will close within five years -- a fact mirrored in the restaurant industry’s abysmal email engagement rates. Restaurants have the lowest email click-through rate across 46 industries, according to MailChimp, with only 1.25% of emails being engaged with. Constant Contact says the click-through rate of the restaurant industry is slightly higher at 4.87%, but it’s still the second-lowest industry click-through rate according to Constant Contact’s analysis of 35 varying industries.

A revamped email program with personalization as a focus could reap rewards for restaurateurs.



LevelUp, a growth platform for the dining industry, announced a partnership with FullContact, a customer intelligence platform, on Tuesday to help restaurants identify their customers.

FullContact utilizes a customer’s email address as an identifier to match customers to their online profiles, thus helping restaurants learn more about their diners. For example, an email address could provide insights into the demographic information of a guest or their preferences. Even a small amount of data – like a customer’s birthday – could help restaurants better segment their digital marketing campaigns.

FullContact is now available as an added service in LevelUp’s “LevelUp Labs” feature in the company’s Hub.


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