Movable Ink Launches Automated Content Sourcing Tool For Emailers

Movable Ink has introduced a service to help brands integrate content from multiple sources into their email campaigns.

Automated Content Sourcing allows email marketers to design and format content from internal and external sources without developer involvement, the company says. They can achieve this using Studio, the firm’s drag-and-drop graphics editor, it adds.

Content is often scattered across channels, resulting in bottlenecks as firms attempt to reformat and repurpose it, the firm continues. This can eat into production time.

The new service facilitates the automated sourcing of content from “brand, product, social and third party sources, without any coding,” states Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink. He adds: “From a consumer’s perspective, the content is the most important part the emails they receive from brands. However, most email marketing tools were built to focus only on optimizing email delivery, not content.”



According to Movable Ink, Automated Content Sourcing enables marketers to do the following:

- Import individual images, product information, prices, inventory levels and blocks of content from websites.

- Pull images and content from internal and external sources, including partner websites, with the help of CSV files or APIs. 

- Integrate offers and data from such offer management tools as IBM Interact or Pega for Marketing.

- Combine email promotions with user-generated content and social posts. This is done, the firm says, with social curation tools that can be remixed and then layered over other images.

In addition, users can review personalized content to make sure it will render correctly in inboxes with an optional Litmus account, the company claims.   

Movable Ink offers an intelligent content platform. It serves such brands as Delta, eBay, Spotify and The Wall Street Journal.


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