Adobe Takes Its Advertising Academy Global

Adobe reported positive first-quarter net income Thursday of $583 million on $2.08 billion in revenue -- breaking corporate revenue records.

The Digital Media segment revenue came in at $1.46 billion, with Creative Revenue growing to $1.23 billion, and Document Cloud reaching $231 million.

Some believe the growth reflects the company's willingness to educate customers -- specifically about digital advertising and services. Education helps to overcome barriers in the adoption of technology.

Adobe Advertising Cloud spans nearly every ad format from search to linear TV, so the advertising academy covers a lot of ground and many topics, said Wes Everson, head of training at Adobe Advertising Academy. “Some of the new curriculum we’ve added in the last six months leverages experts and best practices in bridging branding and direct response, including through search advertising,” he said.



Now Adobe’s Advertising Academy will expand globally, along with several program updates for advertisers and brands. The programs provide certified technical training as well as a broader understanding of industry developments and current events that will be valuable as the market changes rapidly. 

This news come at a time when advertisers are under more pressure to educate themselves, although many training programs do not meet this growing need.

A survey commissioned by Adobe Digital Insights estimates that 52% of marketers are unlikely to recommend the training they receive to peers. Many programs only focus on training buyers on a specific solution and are conducted online, although more half of marketers prefer in-person learning programs that are broader in scope.

The global expansion of the program means that adding more than 18 regional client training liaisons now spans major markets. New courses will include topics such as How to Win with Experience Cloud, Trending Topics, and Private Inventory Management.

Everson estimates that since starting the program in June 2017, Adobe has handed out about 1,500 certifications. Executives and marketers receiving training are from companies that include Accenture, Air Canada, Dell, Four Seasons, Nordstrom, NVIDIA, along with agencies such as Affiperf, Cramer-Krasselt, Goodstuff, iCrossing, Mindshare, PHD, The Prosper Group.

More than 18 regional client training liaisons now span major markets, including APAC, EMEA and North America. Programs now include Power User Workshops Executive Seminars, and Custom On-Sire Programs. 

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