Corona's Extra, Familiar Brands Highlighted In New Work

Constellation Brands is supporting its Corona beer label with two new separate but connected creative campaigns that celebrate "extraordinary friends" that become "indistinguishable from family."

Developed with agency The community, the Corona Familiar campaign promotes the beverage's expansion from 32-ounce to new 12-ounce bottles by highlighting that sharing a Familiar goes beyond simply sharing a beer with a friend. Two TV spots, “Friends that Are Family” and “It’s Familiar,” follow a group of friends as they experience various life moments, ranging from the ordinary to the more outrageous, along with a 12-ounce 6-pack of this beer.

Concurrently, to continue to support Corona Extra's top-selling imported beer ranking, that brand's creative is designed in both English and Spanish versions that recognize the importance of honoring big moments, but smaller ones as well.



The two English- and Spanish-language spots, “Make the Most” and “Share What Matters,” are best described as using Spanglish, by featuring the same background imagery and music but inserting both languages as text. The phrase “Saber Vivir” (“Know How to Live”) is used consistently, "as it defines Corona’s way of living — always looking for that something 'Extra,'” says Agustina Massa, brand lead, The community. She adds that one benefit with the global cross-cultural agency is the ability to create "culturally fluid work that connects with consumers of many backgrounds and therefore works across both English and Spanish."

The work can be sampled here and here.

Both campaigns run on national Hispanic TV networks.

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