Marketers Face Challenges In Cross-Platform Video Campaigns

Brands and marketers looking to reach consumers -- in particular, younger consumers -- need to develop campaigns integrated (with consistent themes, imagery and messaging) across multiple platforms, from linear TV to digital and mobile.

Perhaps even more important is customizing those campaigns for each distribution channel.

Those were key takeaways from the AdReaction report from Kantar Millward Brown. The study found significant room for improvement for brands integrating and customizing their campaigns, with only about half meeting those best practices.

“Campaigns that are integrated are 31% more effective at impacting brand objectives. But when you take that same integrated campaign, and then customize it to each channel, that campaign is now 57% more effective at driving brand impact,” Aaron Peterson, manager of marketing & insights at Kantar Millward Brown, tells Digital News Daily.



“Globally, only half of the multichannel campaigns we measure are hitting the mark. This indicates an imperative for brands to further improve campaign effectiveness through a core concept that is integrated across channels, but tailored to format, placement, and audience.”

The report also found a generational gap when it comes to how consumers interpret campaigns. Younger consumers were much more likely to say that TV and video campaigns should be integrated and consistent across platforms, while older consumers were less likely to share that concern.

“Different generations are receptive to different ad formats,” Peterson says. “For example, Gen Y [millennials] are more receptive to online ads compared to both older [Gen X] and younger [Gen Z] generations. And all three age groups have varying degrees of expectation of how much control -- such as skippability -- they have over viewing ads in online formats.” 

“To make integrated, cross-platforms as successful as possible, marketers should be cautious to only add channels that have a clear role in their campaigns and are best suited at reaching a particular target audience,” Peterson adds.

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