TripleLift's ContentDial Shows Greater Brand Awareness, Engagement in Beta Tests For 2 Sites

In December 2017, Stash, an app that allows for easy and smart financial planning and investment, began testing ContentDial in a beta trial to target millennials across The Daily Dot and Thought Catalog sites.

Today, the results of that trial are in. By using ContentDial to target The Daily Dot and Thought Catalog's millennial readers, Stash saw more than 5% of both publishers’ readers register for and deposit money into a new account.

A third-party brand lift study showed that Stash’s brand awareness rose by 8%. The use of ContentDial encouraged more meaningful social interactions, with consumers posting branded content 10 times more than usual on social media. 

Dale Sterling, CMO of Stash, stated: “Stash had avoided publisher direct content marketing because of high minimum spends and production headaches that conclude with a lack of visibility into reach, scale and overall success measurement. ContentDial’s automation of the production process removed the biggest barrier that prevented us from succeeding, understanding which content was performing best.”



ContentDial is a new branded content solution from TripleLift, the world’s largest native advertising platform. It allows brands and advertisers working with multiple publishing partners, across many websites and social platforms, to develop data-based content strategies in real-time.

ContentDial uses a publisher’s platforms to a brand’s advantage by analyzing and changing its campaign in real time, based on content customized to that publisher’s voice.

“Considering that the main thought leadership feature of the campaign was about budgeting and is obviously a topic that is so private in nature, we were happy to see the positive reactions and thoughtful comments on the Facebook posts promoting Stash,” Brian Dresher, vice president of business development at The Daily Dot, told Publisher’s Daily.

According to Dresher, the partnership with Stash made sense, following the publisher’s success with a previous Sam’s Club campaign, which saw nearly 20,000 app downloads.

“Many of the most successful campaigns we've run in the past year have been performance-marketing focused and frequently lead to renewals,” says Dresher.

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