Procter & Gamble Returns To YouTube

Consumer packaged goods giant Procter & Gamble is bringing its brand advertising back to Google’s YouTube video platform.

P&G pulled back from the platform last year over brand safety concerns. While it is bringing back its advertising, it will be much more selective about where its ads appear, according to Bloomberg.

Instead of buying ads across all or most of YouTube’s monetized channels, P&G will instead focus on YouTube’s Preferred content creators, and even then only on videos that have been viewed and approved.

“We paused advertising, and for the past year, we’ve worked extensively with YouTube to improve brand safety,” a P&G spokesperson said in a statement to Bloomberg. “We now feel the right measures are in place for P&G brands to have the option to advertise on YouTube.”



While the return of P&G is a big win for YouTube, the company continues to face headwinds when it comes to brand safety.

A CNN investigation released Thursday found that ads from hundreds of brands and government agencies appeared on videos uploaded by extremist groups, including Nazis, white nationalists and North Koreas propaganda.

One of those advertisers, Under Armour, said it would pull its ads from YouTube in response.

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