Finding The Funny In Senior Living Facilities

Thrive Senior Living is launching its first brand campaign and provides a humorous look at the world of assisted living and care communities. 

Developed with AOR My Friend's Nephew (MFN), the creative addresses both older children and parents through separate messaging. 

“Playing Favorites” targets adult children who are the primary caretakers for a parent with the ads like "Dad hasn't decided who will get his mint condition 1954 pickup, steer the odds in your favor." 

The “You Can Do Better” ad targets older adults who are looking to move to an independent senior living community with messages like "They built you a mother-in-law suite, too bad it comes with a son-in-law."

Added to the humor is messaging designed to be more empathetic and serious to show that Thrive sees and treats its residents as "more precious than heirlooms – with purpose in every breath." The ads end with the tagline: “Come to live here.”



Print, outdoor and radio ads will run across key Thrive markets in the South and Midwest including Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Maryland, D.C., and Alabama.

“The senior living category is highly competitive, and we found that the language, messaging and tone are very similar across brands, making it challenging for consumers to differentiate between brands and their benefits,” says Josh Robinson, executive creative director and principal at MFN. “In addition, Thrive is seeking to disrupt the industry through its people-centric model and proactive culture of serving residents – so we wanted to communicate this distinction in its first brand campaign.”



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