Acxiom Expands Its Global Data Services, Adds Three Countries

Acxiom has introduced a service called Global Data Navigator  for use in accessing the firm’s data offerings in the U.S. and international markets.

In addition, it has added three countries to its global data coverage: Brazil, the Netherlands and Italy. In Brazil, marketers can have access to 88 million consumers via email, the company says.

Global Data Navigator provides brands and agencies with an in-house portal to locate available data elements by country. They can also use it to determine which Acxiom services are available.

Acxiom’s data services are now available in:

Brazil— Acxiom’s InfoBase for Brazil contains data on approximately 156 million unique individuals. Now available are 156 million by phone and 114 million via mobile. In addition, an identity solution is available with the launch of AbiliTex for Brazil.

The Netherlands — Acxiom Netherlands Data service provides coverage on 8 million Dutch households, along with geo-statistical and segmentation options, the firm says. Acxiom states that its offerings are in compliance with the country’s data protection regulations.

Italy — AbiliTex and Infobase offer identity resolution on the country’s 52 million consumers. In addition, Acxiom provides customer and prospect data in compliance with  the country’s data governance laws. 



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