Movable Ink Allows Brands To Build Custom Email Content Apps

Movable Ink has opened up its app development framework to allow clients and third-party developers to build custom apps for content activation.   

The enhanced service enables brands to create personalized emails and other customer experiences at the moment of engagement, using data from websites, internal databases and third parties, the company says.  

Prior to this, the firm’s solutions engineering team was the main facilitator of the building of customized apps.

However, some use cases require apps that are tailored to specific industries and brands, Movable Ink says.

The new service allows clients to create “intelligent content and the most personalized, on-brand consumer experiences,” states Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink.

The new features include ESP content connectors with Epsilon Agility Harmony and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to  bring intelligent content into existing workflows, the company continues.



In addition, an integration with Segment facilitates the sending of personalized content in emails based on mobile app behavioral data.

The toolset also allows clients to build content apps with oAuth integration.

Initially, Movable Ink provided pre-built apps that activate content based on data, including CRM, context and behavior.

Next, it launched its intelligent content platform, which automates the creation, deployment, and measurement of personalized email content, the company says.

The newly enhanced service is available to current Movable Ink clients.  



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