French Group Files GDPR Complaints Against Five Tech Firms

Apple and LinkedIn are among the U.S. tech giants named in complaints filed by La Quadrature du Net as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. The complaints also name Google and Facebook.

The French consumer group is challenging the idea of “forced consent.” It is the second European organization to do so in the wake of GDPR.

Last Friday, the Austria-based group None Of Your Business filed complaints against Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, and Instagram, arguing that “Tons of 'consent boxes' popped up online or in applications, often combined with a threat, that the service cannot longer be used if users do not consent.”

La Quadrature du Net is also gathering data for complaints against Skype, Whats App, Android, Outlook and Instagram.

The group says 12,000 people have joined its campaign, and that each complaint has 9,000 names behind it, according to media reports.




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