eRelevance Adds Prospecting Services, Moves Into Mortgage Vertical

eRelevance Corp., which has focused up to now on customer engagement, has moved into the prospecting field with a set of new products. It has also expanded beyond its traditional base--aesthetic healthcare-- to serve a new vertical: mortgage lenders and brokers.   

Building on its flagship product Customer Engage, the Austin, Texas-based firm is offering “a suite of technical services for small businesses to take leads from ad sources and convert them into revenue,” says CEO Bob Fabbio.

Aesthetic healthcare providers have “a staggering number of leads that fall on the floor,” regardless of where they come from, Fabbio adds.  

The new services are:

  • Prospect Engage - designed to “capture leads and engage them in a timely, multichannel way to simulate them to buy, and if they don’t, put them into long-time nurturing campaigns,” Fabbio says.
  • Connect - for businesses too challenged to “chase or follow up on prospects that come in,” Fabbio adds. It helps firms follow up on prospect responses to schedule appointments and connect them with resources via email, phone and text.   
  • Control - which measures return on investment of email blasts and other marketing efforts, and can help companies that may not use the services provided by Erelevance but want to ensure their marketing is under control. 



Meanwhile, the company has garnered about a dozen clients in the mortgage lending field, Fabbio says.

“Our mortgage clients are primarily using Prospect Engage, because they buy lots of leads from sources, and form affiliates like realtors.”

He adds that “some don’t do a great job of follow-up,” however, which would also make them good prospects for Connect. Each of the four services solves a different problem, but “can be put together like Legos,” Fabbio concludes.

Last year, eRelevance posted annual recurring revenue of $7.5 million, up from $3.6 million in 2016.


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