Simulmedia Starts Transparent TV

With marketers and media agencies demanding more control and transparency when it comes to media campaigns, national TV advertising-tech company Simulmedia is offering a new program called Transparent TV.

Transparent TV will run advanced TV campaigns against audiences, offering total transparency on media outputs, marketing outcomes, competitive insights and pricing. It also offers up a self-service option.

Dave Morgan, CEO Simulmedia, tells Television News Daily: “No one else has a platform or system that can deliver both transparent media outputs -- spots, networks, dayparts, GRP's [gross rating points], CPM's [cost per thousand viewer prices] etc. — as well as marketing outcomes -- reach maximization, conversions, sales attribution, ROI [return on investment].”

Morgan adds that it offers a number of options, “software-only usage, software-mediated managed service with activation, [and] full, premium managed-service activation.”



Simulmedia says it will guarantee marketers' plans against an age and gender demo or strategic target, based on Nielsen MRI, NBI, NCS, Oracle Data Cloud, Experian and IRI data -- as well as "reach" using first-party data.

Morgan adds that Transparent TV “includes attribution, both our own, and data outputs into their own systems or their preferred attribution partners, [such as] Neustar, Nielsen, NCS, etc.”

A longtime user of Simulmedia’s original VAMOS advertising software platform-- on which Transparent TV is based -- is David Smith, CEO, Mediasmith. He stated: “This move into full transparency is exactly in line with where we believe the entire industry needs to go."

A number of other ad-tech companies have also started transparent self-service platforms for marketers and agencies in recent years -- in addition to their managed services. A bigger question for many is how it will be priced, and some believe ad-tech companies should get a share of the value it helps create.

For his part, Morgan says: “Marketers and media agencies using Transparent TV will pay a flat tech and service fee, depending on the service tier. All media costs will be transparent.”

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