What's Trending In Summer Travel Packing?

Summer is here and millions will travel oceans away for a holiday, while others will stay closer to home. Wherever the journey, packing the essentials is the common thread for all travelers this summer holiday season. And what’s in your luggage is just as important as the destination.

To help marketers and brands stay ahead of the curve, I took the "Truth. Connection. Wonder." approach and dove into online search interest to identify the top packing trends and predictions for this travel season.

#1: Smart Luggage

  • Online search interest YoY has jumped 99% forsuitcases equipped with tech features like charging ports, GPS, and more
  • In January, several airlines began to ban “smart luggage” that featured non-removable lithium-ion batteries, but many companies are sticking it out and consumers are excited to hop on this trend



#2: Packing Cubes 

  • You can think of these unassuming, breathable bags as suitcases within a suitcase. They are great for keeping clothes and accessories separated and organized within your luggage
  • Interest is expected to grow 32% YoY and will continue to increase
  • When you need to cram a lot into that suitcase, this simple solution will help keep you organized

#3: “Carry On”-Sized bags

  • While purchasing “carry on”-sized luggage is nothing new, we have seen a growing wave of smaller, more flexible bags specifically designed as a “carry on” option become available
  • Online interest is expected to jump 25% YoY
  • Companies are responding to growing interest by creating more of these options for travelers seeking to make their experience a bit easier

#4 Travel Cable Organizers

  • When you’re on the go, your devices are useless without their charging cables. Today, most of us travel with our phones (sometimes two phones), tablets, smartwatches, laptops and more. It can be challenging to keep it all together
  • There has been a 350% explosion in online interest for these products
  • While these organizers aren’t new to the market, popularity is skyrocketing as we continue to acquire more and more electronics

#5 Fanny Packs

  • Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re back. In 2017, Dwayne Johnson shook the world with a recreation of a throwback pic with him sporting this classic accessory, you guessed it -- a “fanny pack”
  • Since then, interest has jumped +400% in the past year
  • Travelers are looking past preconceived notions of this once fashion faux pas and welcoming fanny packs as a secure home for important items during a trip, or even at a favorite summer music festival

Americans took an average of 17.2 vacation days in 2017 (a seven-year high) and this number is only expected to rise as people are realizing it’s okay to be part of this statistic. Now that more of us are traveling, there’s an increased need for products that help us organize our belongings and technology on the go.

Bottom line: These five identified trends are driven by data that shows travelers are finding advanced ways to elevate their travel experience, whether it’s seeking out the latest in smart technology or trying on old-school '90s dad vibes.

In July, we’ll uncover the hottest summer food trends, from barbecues to bonfires. Stay tuned.

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