UK DMA To Use OneTrust For GDPR Compliance

The UK DMA, which advises marketers on a range of regulatory issues, has selected OneTrust to automate its own internal privacy management and help it comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and pending ePrivacy Regulation (GDPR).

DMA will use OneTrust modules for assessment automation — for privacy and data protection impact assessments — and data mapping to maintaining records.

The organization had to find a vendor to help it automate “an otherwise complicated process of privacy and marketing compliance,” states Rachel Aldighieri, MD at the DMA.

Aldighieri adds: “Marketers across the UK look to the DMA for research, guidance and best practice, particularly when it comes to the complex challenges of compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy legislation,”

OneTrust will “automate and operationalize” the DMA’s GDPR efforts, states OneTrust CEO Kabir Barbay.

With 400 employees worldwide, OneTrust is co-headquartered in London and Atlanta, Georgia, and has offices in Munich, Bangalore and Hong Kong. 



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