Disconnect Between Consumers And Digital Ads Widens, 43% Now Negative

There is a growing disconnect between how consumers perceive the role of digital advertising and how the industry does, according to findings of the 2017 Digital Advertising Trends Survey, being released Tuesday by Choozle.

Most concerning of all, the report finds that the industry’s efforts to improve the ROI of digital advertising may actually be exacerbating consumer sentiment, not improving it.

The national survey of American consumers finds that 43% now “feel negatively” toward digital ads, which is up seven percentage points from 34% that responded negatively in a similar survey conducted by Choozle in 2017.

“The reasoning behind the negative sentiment included being shown the same advertisement multiple times (25%) and advertisements slowing down the webpage (19%), according to the report, which also suggests that increasing consumer awareness of data privacy -- and in particular the industry’s monetization of consumer data -- may be a significant contributing factor.



Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they understand that some companies sell their personal data to other companies to make money. An even greater percentage (89%) do not think companies are doing enough to protect their data privacy.

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