MARC Marks Warhol's 90th

MARC USA recognized artist Andy Warhol's 90th birthday on August 6 with a special activation on behalf of client the Andy Warhol Museum.

While locals celebrated his milestone year with a gravesite party, the Museum and agency purchased 90 cases of Campbell's Soup — 1,080 cans — to donate to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. 

MARC also adorned the pallet of soup cans with a giant card to show further appreciation for one of the city's most famous residents. The card stated, "It's my 90th birthday, but I wanted you to have the gifts."  

The agency says the soup idea was a no-brainer. Campbell’s Soup cans are probably Warhol’s best-known work and signaled the beginning of the Pop Art movement in 1962. Warhol once said it was his favorite work and even claimed to have eaten Campbell’s Soup for lunch every day for 20 years.



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