Zaius Updates Cross-Channel Segment Builder Tool

Zaius is offering new CRM features that it says will help B2C marketers segment customers and send personalized campaigns across channels.  

Segment Builder 2.0 allows firms to ingest data from any system in their marketing stack and to apply advanced analytics, the company claims. This includes ecommerce and point-of-sale data, and data derived from websites, mobile apps, ad platforms, satisfaction ratings and customer service support tickets.

The goal is to connect brands with customers through data-driven campaigns, says Eric Keating, vice president of marketing for Zaius.

“Data has changed the role of marketing, and marketers are now on the frontline when it comes to using data to generate actionable insights and make smarter business decisions,” Keating adds.

The company notes that marketers using granular data often have to cope with stale data and complicated user interfaces.

According to Zaius, the new features facilitate:

  • Segmentation based on multiple sequential customer actions—i.e., customers who abandon their carts and have open support tickets;
  • Targeting of a single campaign to multiple segments;
  • Understanding the composition and size of segments as they are created.



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