Moviemakers Tap Drones For Aerial Filming

Aside from being used by consumers, drones are increasingly being tapped for commercial use, most notably in the making of movies.

Following several years of lobbying by the Motion Picture Association of America, film companies in the U.S. have been granted FAA permission to use drones for filmmaking.

A new research report on commercial drones by Tractica estimates the worldwide revenue of commercial drone services will grow from $338 million last year to $22.7 billion by the end of 2026. Cumulative revenue over 10 years is projected to reach $62 billion.

In using drones rather than helicopters for aerial filming, the film industry is looking at huge cost savings, according to Tractica. “The size of a small drone and stability of the camera gimbals permit directors to capture shots that were previously impossible,” states the report.

The report identifies a number of commercial use cases for drones, including creating 2D and 360-degree views with high-resolution cameras at various speeds, heights and angles and using drones carrying stabilized professional cameras to enable high-definition and 3D filming of documentaries.

Drones also offer broadcasters a new option for live coverage of sports, natural disasters and hazardous areas of interest, according to the report.




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