Global Marketing Forecast To Hit $1.3 Trillion This Year

While global digital advertising and marketing revenue will continue to record strong low-double-digit percentage gains this year and next, traditional advertising and marketing will rise by slight gains this year and in 2019.

This year, marketing/media research company PQ Media says traditional advertising and marketing will grow 2.1% to $803 billion, with digital/alternative advertising and marketing climbing 11.6% to $496 billion.

PQ Media says the 2.1% increase in traditional advertising/marketing is its fastest growth rate since 2008.

Looking specifically at the U.S. market, Patrick Quinn, president of PQ Media, says: “This year’s TV upfront has reportedly been robust. While the total number of ads sold is said to be flat, ad prices are expected to garner at least high single-digit increases.”

Next year, global traditional advertising/marketing is projected to inch up 0.8% with digital 10.7% higher.

PQ Media says that 26 of the 41 digital and alternative media channels will post double-digit growth rates, including mobile coupons, digital place-based ad networks, product placement in TV and non-textual content marketing, such as sponsored online videos and online sampling.



Total global advertising and marketing is forecast to rise 5.5% in 2018 to $1.3 trillion -- the fastest growth rate in a decade, according to the company. This will come from traditional media, such as television advertising and public relations, and digital and alternative media.

PQ Media data comes from 20 of the largest media markets by country across four major global regions. This includes 15 hybrid (digital and traditional) media silos; 12 digital and alternative media platforms; 12 traditional media platforms; and 41 media channels.

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