Dukes Bread 'Baked In' Campaign

Advertising agency BooneOakley wanted to impress their new client, artisanal bakery Dukes Bread, by attempting to literally bake headlines of poster ads into the client’s bread. It did not start out well at all.

As part of the creative concept for "Baked In," agency art director Laura Beebe used a paper stencil of the headlines to apply a dusting of flour to the unbaked loaves’ tops before placing them in the oven. Alas, the baked-in headlines were not sharply enough defined for the poster-sized finals. 

The second attempt tried dusting the flour through the paper stencil, but this time onto fully baked loaves. And once again, the unfloured “type” just wasn’t sharp enough. 

Thus the decision was made to simply photo-retouch the headlined loaves. Minneapolis studio Hack Job used floured and unfloured sections of Beebe’s photos to create the look, if not the method BooneOakley had originally envisioned. 

 “Production value beats conceptual purity," jokes David Oakley, creative director, BooneOakley.

The media buy includes paid Facebook and Instagram, as well as owned social. Print media will include guerrilla postings and in-store around the store's Charlotte, NC location.





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