Apple Ups Privacy Policy For Apps

Putting more emphasis on protecting users’ personal information, Apple’s App Store will soon require new and newly updated apps to include privacy policies.

Beginning October 3, developers should be prepared to include a link to their privacy policy in their app’s metadata.

“Protecting user privacy is paramount in the Apple ecosystem, and you should use care when handling personal data to ensure you’ve complied with privacy best practices, applicable laws and the terms of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement,” Apple’s App Store guidelines warns.

Developers should also be ready to identify any user data that their apps collect, how they collect such data, and how they use it. They will need to confirm that any third parties with whom they share user data can provide the same or equal protections stated in their own privacy policies.

Among other potential third parties, that includes analytics tools, ad networks, and third party SDKs, as well as parent companies or subsidiaries.

In addition, developers will have to explain their data retention and deletion policies, as well as describe how users can revoke consent or request deletion of their data.

The changes follow failures by Apple, Facebook, and other tech titans to protect user privacy.

In the wake of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica controversy, Apple determined that its developer agreements left it exposed to a major data mishap. In response, the company updated its App Store guidelines to limit developers’ access to user information.

Among other changes, Apple made it harder for developers do what they pleased with the personal contacts of iPhone owners.
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