Alexa, How Do You Burn Sage?

Clayton McLaughlin, SVP, Ecselis Managing Director US, part of Havas Media, told the panel on "The Programmatic Ether: Audio, Voice, OOH" about testing a voice assistant, Alexa, by asking it "how do you burn sage?" Alexa had no idea. Over several weeks, his team asked every single week and finally got, "We don't know but we'll look into it." Then, around week 9, she finally gave them the results. These assistants, they concluded, are designed to learn.

Hear more about how programatic is poised to transform OOH, digital audio and voice search from Natalie Silvagni, Director, Digital Media and Innovation, Quigley-Simpson, Moriah Lynch, Senior Strategist, The Media Kitchen, and Shannon Bartholemy, Director, Digital Strategy, Ocean Media, who moderated the panel.

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