Mindshare Reveals First Phase Of Blockchain Pilot

Mindshare is launching the first phase of its blockchain program following last year's announcement that the WPP-owned agency was partnering with blockchain platform Zilliqa to build advertising-specific applications.  

Now, Mindshare and Zilliqa are working with MediaMath, Rubicon Project and Integral Ad Science to develop the first prototype - “Project Proton” -- to test critical components of the technology -- one on the throughput and the other to arrive at the right consensus protocol. 

All participants in the ecosystem need to trust each other to enable the entire programming ad space to continue to flourish and grow. 

Blockchain is basically marrying technology with accounting with three types of platforms. Individual platforms enable only one company to access the ledger, while public platforms allow everyone to see every transaction. 

This partnership is utilizing a so-called co-sourcing platform that enables specific companies or people to access specific databases with permission. 



The goal of this pilot is to assess the applicability of blockchain technology in advertising where billions of impressions are viewed online.

"There are many claims and speculations on the applicability of this technology to our business. Project Proton is designed to test this, particularly in the areas of building consensus and managing high throughput,” said Gowthaman Ragothaman, chief development officer, Mindshare AMENA.

The findings from this pilot test should be ready before the end of the year.


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