Email Is Top Content Channel Despite Hurdles: Study

Email is the best channel for sending content, but there are many barriers to success, according to Email-Driven Content Marketing, a study by Ascend2.

For one, 44% are daunted by improving the quality of leads, and 42% struggle with increasing conversion rates. Yet those two tasks are also top priorities — improving lead quality for 54% and conversions for 49%. 

In addition, 40% say it is a challenge to increase the number of leads/and subscribers. Thirty-seven percent have difficulty building engagement time, and 34% are flummoxed by trying to improve brand preference 

Despite these challenges, email is rated as an effective channel by 82%, and social media by 54%. In addition, 51% point to SEO/organic search, another 51% to website/blogs and 21% to display adds.

Among those polled, 41% consider themselves somewhat successful at email-driven content marketing, and 54% consider themselves very successful, or best in class. Only 5% say they are not successful.



In addition, 41% say their email effectiveness is improving significantly, and 49% see moderate improvement.

Only 11% exclusively use in-house resources, 58% use both in-house and outsourced resources and 31% depend fully on outside specialists.

The most effective digital content forms are:

  • Videos/motion graphics — 44%
  • Webinars/events — 43%
  • Research/eBooks — 41%
  • Newsletters/blog posts — 40 
  • Interactive content — 38 
  • Case studies/articles — 36%
  • Infographics — 25%

Ascend2 surveyed 224 marketing influencers.



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