Litmus Adds Features To Its Email Platform

Litmus has added several tools to its Email Creative Platform to help brands automate time-consuming tasks.

According to Litmus, these include:

  • Litmus Proof — a tool for collecting feedback and cutting the number of review cycles
  • Litmus Extension — a Chrome extension for using other Litmus tools, including Litmus Checklist and Email Previews
  • Litmus Spam Testing — a pre-send testing tool for correcting potential deliverability issues
  • ESP Syncing — this, along with additional features in Litmus Builder, facilitates faster creation of email campaigns
  • Marketo Support for ESP Syncing and the Litmus Extension — designed to help Marketo users build and troubleshoot emails
  • New email clients in Litmus Email Previews, including Outlook mobile apps and updated Gmail web clients

Email marketers face “increased campaign volume and accelerated timelines that require streamlined workflows to deliver continued results,” states Litmus CEO Erik Nierenberg.

He adds, “It can take on average two weeks to produce a single email—and 21% of those emails don't even make it to the inbox." 



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