Pluto TV To Roll Out 8 New Streaming Channels

The ad-supported free streaming video service Pluto TV saysit will roll out eight new streaming video channels over the course of the next month, bringing together content around specific targeted genres.

The channels include Pluto TV Comedy, which will feature movies like “Clue” and Tootsie,” Pluto TV Drama, Pluto TV Thrillers, Pluto TV Family, Pluto TV Westerns, Pluto TV Documentaries, and Pluto TV Romance.

The company says its in-house team of curators culled the movie and TV selections for each channel from a variety of sources.

Much of Pluto’s channels comes from content partners like NBC News, Cheddar, People TV, Josh and the World Poker Tour, among others. Those channels are supplemented by Pluto’s in-house channels, that feature acquired, curated content.

Video starts playing as soon as the Pluto app is opened or website is visited. Programing plays in a linear fashion, similar to traditional television.

As consumers increasingly get their video content through streaming devices, companies like Pluto, Xumo, and Tubi, among others, have tried to carve out niches as free streaming alternatives to paid options, such as Hulu and Netflix.

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