White Castle, Impossible Foods Launch A Spoofy Sci-Fi Miniseries

You might have read about the recent partnership between White Castle and Impossible Foods, where the latter launched its plant-based burger at WC restaurants nationwide.

Now the firms are promoting the partnership with a spacey and fun new miniseries that spoofs “Star Trek”-era sci-fi shows as a way to punctuate Impossible’s protect-our-planet positioning.

Part One of the miniseries, titled “Wu Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders,” bowed this past week and can be seen here.

The series stars Wu Tang Clan members RZA, GZA and Ghostface Killer who are seen in space — in a spaceship, of course — headed for an “interstellar quest to spread earthly love.”

Better yet, they take questions from their earthbound fans! One fan is heard asking how he can “further ascend my consciousness.” The response: “Read more, study more, learn more. And continue to ask questions.” Sound advice, don’t you think?



A cute little 6-year-old scene stealer is beamed up halfway through the three-plus-minute first episode and provides some lucid thoughts on reality and dream states.

The work was conceived by the all-female creative department at Impossible Foods, led by Executive Creative Director Sasha Markova and several colleagues.

Hey Wonderful did the actual production, which was directed by Sam Spiegel.

After you check out the work, comment at #ImpossibleSlider. Like it or not, this kind of creative content is being increasing embraced by brands to promote products and entertain customers.


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