Marketers Pessimistic About Delivering Promise Of 'Personalized' Ads

Creating personalized ads that are relevant and meaningful to consumers is one of the new Holy Grails of marketing, but only about a third of marketers surveyed recently by Forrester Consulting are confident they can achieve it.

The study, which surveyed 109 U.S. marketing strategy “decision-makers” for ad-technology firm RevJet, found that only about a third are very or somewhat confident in their ability to create personalized ads, as well as in their ability to deliver them.

The No. 1 challenge in delivering on that promise, the Forrester report asserts, is the “ever-changing” context of consumers.

“Consumer context is in a constant state of flux,” the report states, noting that “as brand experiences, location, even the weather over their heads can significantly alter how they react to the messages companies deliver to them. A majority of companies in our study, however, told us they struggle to keep up with the frenzied pace of their customers’ experiences. More than half require at least a month to create a messaging strategy (39% need a quarter year), 55% take a month to optimize their messaging strategy (31% need at least a quarter), and 54% take that long to change individual ad creative to match the changing conditions that govern their audiences’ daily lives and reactions. Companies simply cannot meet their customers’ expectations for contextual relevance with this lack of agility.”

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