The Colonel And Mrs. Butterworth Do 'Dirty Dancing' Proud

In a match made in brand mascot heaven, Colonel Sanders and Mrs. Butterworth are recreating one of most famous dance sequences in the history of movies: the climactic “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” duet from “Dirty Dancing.”

The smile-inducing 30-second spot (below), from Wieden + Kennedy Portland, promotes KFC’s latest limited-time offering: Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles.

The ad, which began airing on national network and cable TV on Nov. 11, features character and commercials actor Craig Fleming as the dancing Colonel--and officially marks the end of Jason Alexander's reign as the Colonel, according to a KFC brand rep.

Fleming is also featured in a second Chicken & Waffles video with Mrs. Butterworth -- "Love at First Taste" -- and in already airing, 15-second Christmas caroling TV spots promoting KFC bucket deals. But a brand spokesperson says that there are no plans to continue using Fleming "after this engagement."  



The LTO menu item features KFC’s extra crispy chicken on a Belgian Liege waffle (a type made from yeast-risen dough and Belgian pearl sugar). And in another example of the growing number of cross-company marketing partnerships, the dish is finished with… you guessed it: a dash of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.

Mrs. Butterworth is a brand of Pinnacle Foods, which was acquired by Conagra Brands in July 2018. KFC is part of Yum Brands.

The QSR is also promoting a variation of the combo that features KFC’s Hot Honey fried chicken between two waffles.

The items are available at KFCs from breakfast through closing, for under $6, through Dec. 31.

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