eDataSource Launches Tool That Offers Visibility Into Gmail Deliverability

eDataSource, Inc. has introduced a tool called Enhanced Virtual User Network, that can simulate user-behaviors in email inboxes to fuel more realistic sending and monitoring.

The goal is to increase ”accuracy, relevance, and ability to monitor inbox placement at Gmail,” states GB Heidarsson, CEO of eDataSource.

The solution relies on augmented intelligence and machine learning, resulting in behavior models base on five million users.

The models are geographically, demographically and sociographically representative of the users, the company says.

With Google prohibiting third-party app from aggregating or monitoring email campaigns, the new platform provides a replacement for monitoring Gmail deliverability, the firm argues.

In addition, the Enhanced Virtual User Network will support A/B and send frequency testing and customer journey development.

The new product will be rolled out next month.

The company claims it has visibility into 190,000 brands and 10 million searchable email campaigns worldwide.



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