California Auto Dealer Hit For Hyping 'Smoking Hot' Deals With Fires Raging

A California Ford dealership has sent an email promoting "smoking hot" deals in the midst of the worst wildfires in California history.

The campaign by the Simi Valley Ford dealership has provoked an outpouring of criticism for its insensitivity, according to the SF Gate. One Reddit user called it “breathtakingly dumb.” 

The dealership, which is located five miles from the Woolsey fire, has apologized for the email.

The email says: "Well we didn’t catch fire, but these deals are smoking hot. Take a look!" 

The Woolsey fire in Los Angele and Ventura counties has resulted in two deaths and the destruction of 370 structures, by the latest count.  In addition, the area is experiencing two other wildfires.

The Camp Fire in Northern California has resulted in 48 deaths, with 228 people unaccounted for. In addition, 8,817 structures have been destroyed. 



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