News Publishers Rely Less On Editorial Teams For Native Ads

The Native Advertising Institute has released its annual report on news media trends. This year, it found news publishers are relying less on their editorial teams for native advertising compared to last year.

Only 29% of publishers currently use their editorial teams for native advertising, compared to 47% in 2017, according to the report, called the “Native Advertising Trends 2018 - the News Media Industry.”

This year’s report is a collaboration with WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

This year, 42% of publishers have their own native ad studio and 29% have a separate native ad team, up from 35% and 28% last year, respectively.



“When we look at how news media organizations are delivering native advertising, there is a very significant shift taking place with a much clearer division between church and state and more dedicated native ad units,” stated Native Advertising Institute founder-CEO Jesper Laursen.

The report also found native advertising is expected to increase its share of revenue for publishers.

In 2017, native advertising brought in 20% of total ad revenue for news publishers. That number is expected to grow to 36% in 2021.

“Native advertising is still a fairly new discipline for many publishers,” stated Laursen. “But to a growing number of media companies, it’s becoming an integrated part of their business model.”

Video has shown an increase in importance this year, with 68% of respondents viewing it as the biggest opportunity for native advertising.

The report is based on 148 news media executives from 53 countries.

Publishers are less concerned about fake news when it comes to native advertising, according to the report, and more concerned about poor labeling. 

Some 9% of publishers worldwide do not put any label on native advertising, slightly better than last year’s 11%.

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