Pixability Launches Partner Connect Program To Streamline Video Ad Buys

The video advertising technology company Pixability on Wednesday rolled out a solution it is calling the Partner Connect Program, meant to streamline the process for marketers looking to deploy video ad campaigns.

The consortium consists of companies in the measurement and data space, the creative space, and many big suppliers.

Specifically, suppliers include the biggest players in ad-supported video, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, as well as connected TV.

Creative partners include Celtra and VidMob, which can help marketers develop campaigns for these platforms. Data and measurement partners include Nielsen, Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Measurement and DoubleVerify. They can allow marketers to measure impact, ad performance and audience behavior. 

As digital video continues to grow, more marketers are looking to participate in the medium.

Since YouTube and Facebook are the biggest free video platforms, they tend to be the first place many marketers turn when looking to deploy video ad campaigns.




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